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The exponent of the American maker space- Mr. Mitch Altman visited CAIpaying


    Mr.Mitch Altman,the founder of Noise Bridge in San Francisco in the States visited CAI in Beijing on Oct. 9, 2013. He was on the Makers’ Training and Exchange Program of Maker with Tsinghua University and Beijing Maker Space. Together with him were Mr. Jimmie Rodgers, founder of Artisan’s Asylum hackerspace and other maker representatives from America. There were discussions on strengthen further exchange and cooperation between Chinese and American makers as well as the 2nd Roundtable Forum of Chinese Makers and an international makers’area during the 8th International Exhibition of Inventions – Kunshan to be held by CAI next year.

   Invited by Ass. Prof. Gu Xueyong from the Industrial Engineering Department of Tsinghua University, Mr. Mitch Altman and the party came to participate the students’practice activities of CDIO teaching mode and to introduce the cases and their experience of makers’activities in the States. They also gave training seminars at the 2nd Beijing Makers’Carnival during the long holidays for the Chinese National Day, which quite received welcome.

    Mr. Wang Yuzhong extended welcome to the American guests on behalf of CAI General Manager. Mr. Mitch Altman expressed their willingness to bring and to introduce leading exponents from the international makers’ circle to participate in activities by CAI. Mr. Attending the meeting were also Wang Shenglin and Mr. Xiao Wenpeng, founders of B

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