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Swedish Inventors’ Association Visits CAI

    At the invitation of China Association of Inventions (CAI), Mr. Lennart Nilsson, International Relations Director of the Swedish Inventors’ Association (SUF) and President of the Stockholm Inventors Association visited Beijing on Feb. 19-22, 2014.
    Prof. Lu Dahan, the CAI Secretary General, had a lengthy exchange of views with Mr. Nilsson and his party during their visit here. Moreover, the CAI Promotion Centre for Invention Commercialization conducted in-depth discussions with them on substantial issues for the bilateral cooperation.
    SUF has a history of 128 years and has been a close partner of CAI. Mr. Nilsson, a SUF veteran, came to attend the founding ceremony of CAI in 1985 as the representative of SUF. During his visit here this time, Mr. Nilsson highlighted the importance of international cooperation for Sweden, a country with a small size of population even though having ranked as the world’s third largest country in invention.
    Mr Nilsson believed China to be a very important country in the world both as an invention provider and a recipient. As a result, SUF visited China five times in 2013 alone, bringing the Swedish inventions for potential cooperators in the world’s fastest growing economy now with the world’s largest number of patent registration.
    With the CAI facilitation, Mr. Nilsson has located cooperative partners for some of the Swedish inventions and made progress for some others in China, including the Tianlong Environmental Engineering Company in Quanzhou, and Huaqiang Fire Retardant Coating Factory both of Fujian Province. On basis of that, Mr. Nilsson brought three more invention projects this time to seek for Chinese partnership.
    CAI invited SUF to the Eighth Kunshan International Invention Fair (KIIF) on Nov.19-22, 2014, and Mr. Nilsson accepted the invitation on behalf of SUF.
    International Department, Feb. 26, 2014 (end)

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