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Fruitful Match making Sessions at the WIIF 2015

Match-making Sessions at WIIF were held in Yancheng in the morning on September 24, 2015 . Session One was hosted by Mr. Shi Minghao, Chairman of the WIIF Jury. The Session Two was co-hosted by Mr. Zou Yuandong, CAI Deputy Secretary General and Mr. Wang Jingdong, Director of CAI Promotion Center for Invention and Entrepreneurship. The CAI Vice President Mr. Xing Shengcai, Secretary General Mr. Lu Dahan, Deputy SG Mr. Yu Huarong and Ms. Cao Xiaobin were attending the two sessions separately. About 200 people from technological demanding enterprises and experts of various fields from more than 20 countries participated in the match-making sessions.

Match-making Session One

Match-making Session One published 9 projects. Mr. Cenneth from Swedish Association of Inventors introduced to the attendees “ Nano Control AB:Magnetic Activated Carbon Iron Oxide Nano-particles Embedded in Activated Carbons Prepared from Hydro thermally Treated Waste Biomass.”; “Energeotek International AB:NxGeo from Energeotek in renewable, clean and cost efficient geothermal energy solutions domestically and internationally”; “CHEMSUSCHEM: MHE Non toxic Environmentally Friendly Flame Retardant Additives”; “Aqua Teq Sweden AB BL Swiper™ - a new patented sewer nozzle”; “Torgny Lagerstedt AB: Cleaning of Water in the Tank of a Nuclear Reactor”; “Trident AB: Device for Cleaning Air in Contaminated Environments”.
Prof. Leon Chen, President of Ossseofuse Inc. from the States, introduced the minimally invasive dental implant "one minute quick implant kit" .
Mr. Marko Palic from a Swiss company Miolma GmbH introduced his invention - Vacuum rotary automatic dryer for fruit, vegetables, cereals, herbs, medicines, and granulate.

Match-making Session Two
The last presentation was given by Mr. Zhu Anxiang from Dongtai Power Station on the clean energy project of wind/solar power and fishery in Dongtai, Yancheng

 The Match-making Session Two released six projects. They are :

 “ Wet Air Purification Technology” by Mr. Shen Fuchang, President of Jiangsu Fuchang Environmental Technology Group;

“New Air Purification Technology” by Mr. Hu Duanzhi, President of Shenzhen Chu Zhi Dao Kitchen Technology Co., Ltd.;

“Stone-art Wall Decoration Technology”by Mr.Zhang Baogui, President of Beijing Baogui Stone-art Technology Co. Ltd;

“Zippered Wall-building Technology” by Yao Jingxiang, President of The Patented-technology Development Services Co. Ltd.;

“Biological-security Technology”by Sun Jianhua, President of Hua Wei Biological - security Technology Co., Ltd.;

“The Regeneration Technology of Used Lithium Batteries and Circuit Boards”by Wang Wusheng, President of Mechanical Engineering , Huazhong University of Science & Technology, etc.

Key-technology problems from 8 enterprises looking for solutions were discussed between companies and experts on subjects issued by Hengli Combined-Machine Tool Co. Ltd.; Jinmao Technology Development Co., Ltd .; Chongqing Beer Company ; Hongye Machinery Co., Ltd.; YDF Valve Co.; Steel slag heat recovery project by Yancheng Furnace Manufacture Co. Ltd.; Central heating collecting and heat storage to each house by Jiangsu Sangli Solar Energy Industry Co., Ltd.  The enterprises  introduced their situation and demands for science and technology while the experts put forward solutions and initial ideas to solve these problems .


After a preliminary investigation on the spot and in-depth exchange of ideas at the meetings, the Match-making Sessions have achieved fruitful results. There were 16 projects signed for cooperation at the Closing Ceremony.

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