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China Association of Inventions
Tel/Fax: 0086-10-63955926
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Address: Rm. 513, 5/F.,
ENFI Science and Technology Building A,
No. 12 Fuxing Road, Haidian District,
Beijing, China. Postcode: 100038

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1.Comprehensive  Department

A.Responsible for the management work of CAI finance and materials.

B.Responsible for the document printing and the management work of CAI document archives.

C.Responsible for the daily management work of CAI administration personnel.

Telephone: 0086-10-63955811


2. Department of Organization and Liaison

A.Responsible for the specific evaluation activity of the Creative Founder Awards and the recommendation of the State Science and Technology Awards.

B.Responsible for the specific admittance of CAI members and their liaison work.

C.Responsible for the liaison work with the leading bodies and concerned departments.

Telephone: 0086-10-63955833


3.Department of Public Communication

A.To carry out science and technology competition activities for youngsters together with the concerned organizations such as Soong Ching Ling Children Innovation Awards.

B.To organize China Inventors Forum

C.To carry out the daily work for Creativity Development Committee of Inventors. To make contact with Branch of  Creativity and Education in Colleges and Universities, and Branch of Creativity and Education in Middle and Primary School.

Telephone: 0086-10-63951008


4. Department of Exhibitions

A.To organize specifically National Invention Exhibition, International Invention Exhibition and other exhibitions in foreign countries.

B.To carry out the daily work for Appraising Committee of Inventors.

 Telephone: 0086-10-63955956


5. Department of International Cooperation and Exchange

A.Responsible for international exchange and cooperation with foreign invention organizations.

B.Responsible for the work of foreign affairs in CAI.

Telephone: 0086-10-63955962


6. Promotion Centre for Invention commercialization

A.To find out, inspect and select outstanding invention projects; to utilize CAI resources and promote application and commercialization of invention results.

B.To carry out the daily work for Work Committee of Non-Service Inventions.

C.To provide intermediate service of agency, consultation, evaluation and projects recommendation for inventors.

D.To provide undertaking training and education service for invention founder.

E.To undertake specific implementation of projects.

Telephone: 0086-10-63955919  0086-10-63955918


China Inventions Network


1. Responsible for development, maintenance, dissemination and updating of China Inventions Network.

2. Responsible for operation and maintenance of CAI local network.

3. Responsible for network propaganda work of various major activities in CAI.

4. Responsible for network release and dissemination of invention patents and results for CAI members.

Telephone: 0086-10-63951008 

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